House moving services

Everybody owns things that one "loves". And during their moving one wants to be sure that they will be treated in a very careful manner. Therefore it is normal to choose a professional company, because nobody would fix a broken ceramic statuette for example again, and even an insurance compensation wouldn't compensate a damage of this valuable thing…

Within the household goods moving service we can offer you 3 options:



  • packaging of goods including packaging material
  • loading, transportation and unloading 
  • unpacking of goods and used packaging material disposal
  • complete disassembly and assembly of furniture as necessary

During this service you can just sit in your armchair and watch how professionals pack, move and unpack all your equipment. Though, it is the most expensive service combination, but you can be absolutely sure that your goods will be relocated in the same condition as they were picked up.


  • loading, transportation and unloading of goods
  • simple disassembly and assembly
  • packaging material for extra charge

This most used service combination is affordable for everybody and you don't hunt for anything and anybody to help you with your moving. And what is the most important, you have a guarantee that your furniture is in good hands and the risk of damage is minimal.

  • when you are flexible with collection on delivery date
  • included is loading, transportation and unloading of goods

If you are flexible in time, you save up to 30% of the cost of the rate for a Standard service. By export of your belongings, we will collect, store and deliver to the destination country within about two weeks after collection date. By imports, will come +/- 7 days from the requested date and your belongings will be delivered within ca 3 days after collection. We will inform you about collection day minimum 7 days before.