5-6 weeks before moving

  • check for your passports and visas validity
  • check for your location contract, employment contract, … documents validity
  • check for your travel documents and tickets
  • check for your personal documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical records
  • announce the change of your residence to your: doctor, lower, bank, insurance company…
  • cancel, or redirect your subscriptions
  • announce changes at your children school(s)

3-4 weeks before moving

  • dispose of things you don't want to take with you
  • let your friends and acquaintances know the change of your address and phone numbers
  • from the appropriate date cancel taking of: water, electricity, gas, telephone …
  • terminate all your location contracts
  • don't buy too vast supplies of food
  • confirm preliminary date of moving to TRIV Company

1-2 weeks before moving

  • announce to moving service company exact addresses and contacts of both places of moving
  • redirect your post to your new address
  • clean your garden tools, bikes …
  • arrange a care of your children and pets on the day of your moving
  • empty your boxes at work and school
  • announce the termination of your residence to your service providers
  • give borrowed things back
  • empty grass cutter tank, etc.
  • dispose of abundant plants and food
  • confirm the exact date of moving to TRIV Company

1-2 days before moving

  • set apart things you will take with you (keys, passports, documents, travel tickets, certificates, money, clothing…)
  • disconnect all electrical appliances that will be relocated
  • ask your neighbours to leave a free space in front of your house for our van to park (app. 12m)
  • fill in the TRIV Company insurance form

in the very day of the moving

  • please, be at the disposal for moving service company staff in case they would need your answers to any questions
  • after uploading your equipment onto the vehicle check up for the whole flat/house to make sure you didn't forget anything
  • relax and let TRIV Company professionals to do it