storage Bratislava warehouse

In case you will need to storage your goods temporarily (e.g. you are renovate your flat or will be away for a longer period of time), we can offer you our solution: We will collect your goods at your residence, write "packing list" & put them into our own safety and guarded storage.

In case of overseas shipments, that you require to deliver later after your arrival to new country, we can provide following service: After collection of your goods we will transport shipment into our storage, where it stay until we get "green light" from you, taht you are able receive your goods. We will ship them immediately then to the place defined by you.


We propose to you storage in our tempered warehouse or outside containers.

Mode of storagePrice excl. VAT
tempered warehouse0.50 € / day / 1 m3 or EUR pallet
non-tempered warehouse0.30 € / day / 1 m3 or pallet
non-tempered 20ft ( 33 m3 ) container6.00 € / 1 day / 20ft container
non-tempered 40ft ( 66 m3 ) container10.00 € / 1 day / 40ft container
 Rates are without VAT 20%.
  • excluded is handling to + from storage: 5,- € / pallet or 10,- € / cbm in case of loose loaded goods.
  • by long term storage we propose to our client discount
  • all rates are excl. VAT 20%

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