To moving pianos, safes and heavy items, we use special tools and equipment in order to guarantee the safety and protection of the object, as well as the people involved in the handling. Only qualified and experienced personnel who are trained to handle large and heavy objects should carry out the removal of such loads. These employees of ours are able to accurately evaluate the situation and propose the best solution for each case.

We have a group of trained employees for moving safes, pianos and other heavy loads up to 2 tons in weight.

During the entire period of our activity in the field of moving heavy loads, we have moved tens of thousands of pianos, safes and other loads with maximum emphasis on the quality of work and the safety of transported property.


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We can provide you with the removal and transport of pianos and other heavy loads anywhere in the world.

Indicative price list for moving pianos

Kind of   Price for 1 step excluding VATPrice for 1 step excluding VAT
The piano1.50150.00
Grand piano - S2.00250.00
Grand piano - M 3.00300.00
Grand piano - L4.00400.00
Price with / without VAT.
  • the listed prices do not include transport
  • the basic price includes the handling of the load on a plane up to 50 m surcharge for work between 20:00 and 06:00 or for work on Sunday is 100% of the total price
  • 1 standard curved floor = 16 steps; in the case of a larger number of stairs the price will increase proportionally in the case of difficult conditions, such as spiral stairs, narrow staircase, poor access to the building, etc. you have to expect a proportional increase in the price according to the complexity of the work

Indicative price list for moving heavy items

Weight      Price for 1 step excluding VATBasic price excluding VAT
100 - 199 kg        1.0025.00
200 - 299 kg1.5040.00
300 - 399 kg2.0050.00
400 - 499 kg 3.0080.00
500 kg and more by agreementby agreement
600 kg and moreby agreementby agreement
Price with / without VAT.
  • the basic price includes handling on the plane during loading and unloading up to 30 mm
  • the minimum flat-rate amount per worker and day is €40
  • the price does not include employee downtime €10 / hour / worker in case of transport outside our branches + costs for transporting workers
  • 1 standard floor = 2 x 8 stairs, if it is necessary to tilt the loads through the door, we charge an additional fee of 10% of the basic price for each tilt, the listed prices do not include transport (transportation) of the loads


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