Our company has basic organizational liability insurance for damage caused in the performance of the profession up to €100,000 in the territory of Slovakia with the ALLIANZ insurance company, in case the customer's property or premises are damaged during the move.

Our standard liability for damage or loss is limited to the normal business price of the item at the time of damage or loss, taking into account depreciation. However, our liability is limited to a maximum of €50 per damaged item (i.e. piece, box, pair, set, assembly). In case of total damage or loss of goods, our liability is limited to max. €500 / 1 m3 volume of damaged or lost goods.

It is also possible to arrange extra-standard insurance through OSKAR SCHUNCK Germany. The insurance surcharge is 1% of the total insured amount when moving within the EU or 1.5-3.0% when moving outside the EU, depending on the country you are moving to.

This insurance must be arranged in writing or by e-mail min. 3 days before the start of removal or storage. We will send you the insurance form immediately after ordering the removal. The customer fills out a detailed list of goods to be moved, indicating the values for individual items. Items whose value is higher than €500 must be listed separately for insurance purposes. We recommend that you list the prices of new items so that in case of total damage, they can buy the same item new for this price. Items not listed will not be insured!

Goods that are excluded from insurance during removal or storage are: jewelry, watches, precious stones and metals, money, deeds, securities, collections of stamps, coins, or other collections of any similar kind.

Liability for damage is also excluded if the client packs things himself. In this case, we are only responsible for damages caused to the goods in case of visible damage to the outer packaging (provided, of course, that suitable and strong packaging was used during packaging). That is, if the outer packaging is intact and the items inside are damaged, it was caused by improper packaging of items by the client, for which we cannot take responsibility.

When transporting goods within Slovakia, we have an insurance contract with the insurance company Generali Slovensko up to €100,000.

The international transport of commercial goods is insured according to the CMR convention according to the weight of the cargo up to €100,000 in the insurance company Generali Slovensko. The insurance covers the territory of the entire EU.

In case of damage to the customer's property, it is necessary to follow the procedure below for a quick solution:
Injured - customer

The customer is obliged to visually inspect all moved items, floors and walls in as much detail as possible immediately after the move has been completed. In case of clearly visible damage that occurred during the moving work, he must write these damages on the delivery note on the day of the move in the presence of the Supplier's employees. We cannot accept later claims for visible damage.

Injured - customer

In the event that the customer finds some "hidden" damage that could not be detected at first glance on the day of moving (e.g. when unpacking things from boxes), it is necessary to take photo documentation and send a written complaint to poistenie@triv.sk at the latest within 7 days after completion of work. We cannot accept later claims for hidden damages. The customer sends a damage report by e-mail, where he states: the name of the damaged item, the extent of the damage, the purchase price of the goods, the year of purchase and the extent of the requested compensation. If possible, it is best to provide proof of purchase.

Insured - TRIV

He reports the damage to the contracted insurance company within 5 days from the date when he became aware of the damage.

Insured - TRIV

He will issue an invoice for the services rendered.

Injured - customer

He will pay for the services rendered to the supplier on time and in full. It is not possible to combine and withhold payment for services with an insurance claim.

Injured - customer

He will keep the item and allow the insurance company's liquidator to inspect the extent of the damage, who will determine the amount of repair or compensation for the damage in accordance with the insurance conditions.

Injured - customer

If the repair is profitable (determined by the insurance company), the customer can have the damaged item repaired at a service recommended by the insurance company.

It is possible to have the damaged item repaired at another preferred service, but it should be borne in mind that the insurance company has the right to reduce the insurance payment for non-contractual services.

The price for the repair is paid directly by the customer, or the service issues an invoice directly to TRIV, s.r.o. (without VAT, as this is an insurance claim)

Insured - TRIV

The insured will pay the co-payment for the service.

The insurance company will pay the service insurance and the customer can pick up the repaired item.

Insured - TRIV

If the damaged item is irreparable, the insurance company will send the insurance payment (taking into account amortization and wear and tear in accordance with the general insurance conditions of the insurance company) directly to the customer's account.