Is there a reminder in your calendar called Moving to Switzerland?

If you are planning to move your "couple plums" or a complete apartment and move to Switzerland, or move back from Switzerland - moving with a professional company is a step you will not regret. A reliable moving company will save you a lot of paperwork, stressful moments and, ultimately, unexpected financial expenses.

Switzerland is one of the attractive locations that attract many of our clients who use the services of TRIV s.r.o. aimed at international moving. You can use our services even if you are thinking about how to send a smaller shipment to Switzerland or, conversely, how to send a shipment from Switzerland to Slovakia. 

How does moving to Switzerland work?

You can choose one of two options.

In the first of them, you agree in advance with our company the exact date when the goods will be transported or moved. With such individual solutions, we can adapt to you as much as possible and meet your chosen date. If you want to have a completely worry-free moving, you can use our extended services - origin services. All you have to do is contact us.

However, if you need to transport a smaller package or shipment to your family in Switzerland, a more suitable alternative for you will be the delivery of the shipment as part of our regular trips to Switzerland.

If you choose this option, after ordering the service, we will contact you with a specific date and time when we will pick up the package directly at your home and deliver it to the recipient in Switzerland within a few days. Your shipments will be professionally taken care of thanks to safe handling. A packing list is also a matter of course, in which the addressee will find out whether we really delivered everything that the sender sent.

However, our work often does not end here. We will be happy to lend you a helping hand as part of our services at the place of delivery - destination services. Thanks to the services of TRIV s.r.o. so popular long-lasting goodies from Slovakia or directly from grandma's oven can make your loved ones and friends in Switzerland happy much easier! What do you say? However, specific goods are subject to stricter customs rules in countries outside the EU, so we recommend that you consult with our experts to make sure that, for example, a package with homemade schnapps from your grandfather will not be returned to you.

Thanks to our services in the field of international moving and efficient package transport, you can mark the reminder in the calendar called moving to Switzerland as equipped with peace of mind. Did you find what you were looking for?

Náš tip

Nezáleží na tom, či ide o sťahovanie zo Slovenska alebo z inej krajiny EU do Švajčiarska, resp. naopak: sťahovanie zo Švajčiarska do celej EU. Zvládneme všetky varianty vďaka veľkej sieti partnerov.  Vďaka pravidelným prepravám našich vozidiel v rámci celej Európy vieme vyzdvihnúť a doručiť zásielky na celej trase zo Slovenska do Švajčiarska a naspäť.

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